High School 5-Day Program

FTC High School 5-Day Program: The FTC 5-Day Program is implemented with high school students in a consecutive 5-day format, with each lesson approximately 50 minutes, one time per day. A great program for Respect For All Week

Middle School Advisory Program

The FTC Advisory Program is implemented with middle school students in a 10-lesson format, with each lesson approximately 40 minutes, weekly. A great program for Advisory.

FTC College Mentor Program

College FTC mentors train in the FTC program and then help teach the 5-lesson FTC program to elementary students weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. A great program for college leadership clubs and community outreach.

FTC Elementary Program

The FTC Elementary program is a 5-lesson program for elementary students. Each lesson is approximately 40 minutes, and is implemented weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

Leadership Workshops

For schools and organizations requiring alternative time formats, FTC can be implemented in a one- to two-day intensive workshop with students. Workshops range from four – six hours.