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Dartmouth College Senior, Kaitana (“KT”) Martinez, has been a FTC College Mentor since her freshman year at Dartmouth. KT  mobilized a group of college volunteers each year to visit local schools and teach the FTC program. Below is Kaitana’s interview with Pam Blomberg, FTC’s Social Media Guru.

FTC: Graduation is coming up, what is next for you?

KM: I will be going to graduate school at Brigham Young University (BYU) to earn a Masters degree in Public Health. I’m also getting married in September!

FTC: How/why did you get involved with FTC?

KT: I got involved with Find the Courage as soon as I heard about their wonderful mission to help empower others to be kind, inclusive, and respectful. Throughout my life I’ve recognized the impact that inclusivity and kindness can have on the world.

FTC: What is your favorite part of volunteering with FTC?

KT: The best part of volunteering with FTC is seeing the youth become inspired to reach out to others and include them. When the kids really come to understand the importance of kindness and grasp what kindness feels and looks like, then the entire dynamic between individuals changes. There is nothing sweeter than seeing the kids support and encourage one another.

FTC: Have you learned anything from teaching FTC that you’ve been able to apply in your own life?

KT: I learned that compassion and respect have no barriers. Kindness transcends differences and unites people no matter the personal disparities of opinion, race, religion, gender, etc. I know that these realizations will help me in my own life as I work and interact with people from diverse backgrounds.

FTC: Do you have any memories or a story that sticks out during your time with FTC?

KT: My favorite FTC memory was teaching the Super Hero lesson for the first time. In this lesson, we try to help kids recognize that each of them is like a super hero in their own little way. We love super heroes in part because they have great power to help others. Each of us, like our favorite heroes, has the power to help others feel noticed, respected, and valued. Seeing the students come to understand their potential to make a difference is what FTC is all about, and I was able to see that best during the first time I taught the Super Hero lesson!